Are you about to have a job interview?

Are you about to have a job interview for Demandware (SFCC) developer?
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital B2C API uses a dialect of ECMAScript 5.1 called DemandwareScript. DemandwareScript is used to customize the backend while on the frontend you can use whatever you want. Modern websites use frontend libraries like React and view.js, babel, and webpack.

With this in mind and given my experience as a programmer, I have prepared a shortlist of topics most often covered in job interviews for Demandware developers. To be a successful applicant you should have at least a basic understanding of them.

  1. OSI model - the basics: what is it, what layers are included. (
  2. HTTP protocol
    1. How a HTTP request is made
    2. Request types
    3. Headers
    4. HTTPS
    5. HTTP v 1.1 vs 2
  3. Encoding type. What is the difference between UTF8 and UTF16 for example.
  4. JavaScript design patterns. You should be able to explain:
    1. Constructor pattern
    2. Singleton Pattern
    3. Observer Pattern
    4. Mediator Pattern
    5. Facade Pattern
    6. Factory Pattern
  5. JavaScript hoisting
  6. What's new in ECMAScript 6?
    1. Variable declaration. let/const/var
    2. Arrow function. Take special attention to this context in the arrow functions.
    3. Template literals
    4. Data structures:
      1. Map (new)
      2. Set (new)
      3. The new Array.from() method
    5. Spread Operator
    6. import vs require
    7. Syntax sugar

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